YouTube Comedy
YouTube, the biggest video hosting site in the world, provides tons of interesting content online. And for free. You can also upload your own videos to share with the world.
Daily Motion
This website is one of the most leading providers of shared user video clips.
A big collection of comedy videos created by the greatest independent film makers of today's world.
9gag TV
9gag TV is a very entertaining website that shows a compilation of the funniest videos around the internet submitted by many people.
Cracked Video
Find the best source of fun at It provides a bunch of funny content for you to choose, including photos, videos and much more. Just enjoy yourself.
Metacafe Comedy
Metacafe is the best place to showcase the best short-form videos coming from movies, TV and more. You are also encouraged to submit videos of your own.
Known as a website for the most hilarious memes online, now come up with a video website that will make you laugh.
Categorized into several groups, including funny babies, dogs and much more, the funny videos on Break is really a delight for all of us. picks the best videos on the Web on a daily basis, suitable for everyone. You will find your favorite.
Onion Video
The Onion is where you watch comedic news videos, covering every corner of news and all walks of life.
Funny Die
Funny Or Die is a comedy video site that provides a vast amount of funny videos. You can also be the judge on whether the video on the site is funny or not.
Funny Video
Funnyjunk, as the name suggests, is full of funny videos for you to choose. The funny videos cover a lot of categories and you will find what you like.
College Humor
CollegeHumor delivers comedic content on a daily basis, including videos, pictures and even jokes. Just have fun with all the interesting content.
eBaum's World has a large variety of funny videos, pictures and jokes, which fall into different categories like news, sports, sexy and much more.
A Dutch website where you can watch the funniest videos from Netherlands and even all over the world.
FARK Video
FARK gathers an interesting collection of the best online video clips around from many video sites including YouTube, Liveleak and much more.
Comedy Central
Comedy Central is the center full of funny videos for your enjoyment. The videos covers a wide variety including animation, talk shows and much more.
Heavy Video
An online video company as Heavy is, it claims to have reached 23MM men worldwide and offers them wonderful content including comedy.
A.V. Club
A.V. Club provides an updated list of what are the trendiest, funniest, and most viral videos of today.
Here is where you can search for thousands of funniest videos all over the internet.
VideoBash is a comedic video site that you can upload your own funny videos and also watch the videos provided by others. Whatever it is, you will get fun.
Crave Online
This website is filled with popular and cool video clips submitted by users in different interesting categories.
A collection of funny videos clips related to cartoons or animation submitted by a lot of users from different part of the world.
Started from a YouTube channel, two fuuny guys named  Anthony and Ian on a mission make hilarious and crazy video clips just for their followers.
From here you can stream entertainment network that's filled with funny video clips.
COED Funny
Watch entertaining videos especially provided to college students and all people at any age.Watch entertaining videos especially provided to college students and all people at any age.
An online community intended for women covering crafting and D.I.Y. projects, friendship, beauty, love and relationships, culture, animals, TV, and more.
Trend Hunter
Here is where you can watch videos on the latest trends in technology, fashion, and pop culture.
Jokeroo Video
Laugh out loud with the funny videos offered by Jokeroo. You will definitely find what you like on this site.
This is French video website that covers categories such as cinema, music, and animation. 
Viral Chart
You can find here the top 20 best videos gathered from top sharing websites.
Here you can find loads of comedy videos on the biggest video search engine of the world. 
If you want search the world wide web for the best and funniest videos, they are all right here. 
The Awesomer collects awesome stuff including awesome gadgets,funny videos, fashion, movies and much more.
This is a video sharing site with clips in sorts such a music, celebrities, and humor.
People Walmart
People of Walmart is a great place for funny pictures, videos and more. You can find the fun here.
When you are bored, come to I Am Bored to get rid of it. You can find great content here.
Epic Fail
This website is dedicated to failure acts of normal people and making fun out it.
Kontraband is the right place to find viral funny videos, pictures around the web. You will enjoy it.
Carolla Show
Watch the comedian Adam Carolla's radio show or listen to him live to make yourself laugh.
StupidVideos provides you funny and stupid videos from the web. And you will be entertained.
Daily Haha
Daily haha updates funny videos, pictures on a daily basis and is your daily dose of laugh.
Stupid Videos
A collection of the funniest video clips all over the world submitted by different users in different genres.
Albino Blacksheep is a great resource for funny videos, audio, games and much more.
Kill Time
A great humor site that brings some of the funniest online viral videos that are spread all over the internet.
Double Viking
This site that is full of wide range of funny videos will surely make your day complete.
Star Runner
This website has been amusing for those cartoon-hungry visitors for the past year! Here you can find selection of great original online series.
Laugh Factory
Laugh Factory produces laughter in your daily life. The products include videos, jokes, articles and much more.
Reddit TV
This is a popular social news website which has now a video page to watch all the newest and funniest videos all over the internet.
Clip Junkie
This is the home for all online viral videos that are considered to be funny, sexy, and outrageous.
5-Second Films
5-Second Films is a famous viral humor collection and providing its viewers with original commercial content to make their days better.
This website is full of prank videos from Remi Gaillard, known as the Sascha Baron Cohen of France
Adland's Archive
An amusing collection of TV ads that most people are talking about. includes a lot of funny things, like funny videos, funny pictures and much more.
Tubes Fan
One of the bigger providers of entertainment videos brings you a category for most hilarious videos today.
A nice selection of refined hilarious video clips that will make your tummy hurt laughing out loud.
Flowgo is a site for people who love cute cartoons or funny videos. You can find quite a lot of great content here.
Roulette Collectors
This is the collection of the funniest Chatroulette moments that will make you laugh like a fool.
Nerd Fighters
This is a web community full of "nerds" with videos that cover all things about geek and chic.
This is a very popular video sharing website with loads of funny video clips for you to enjoy.
Dot Com
This websites contains funny and original webisodes of "Jake and Amir" from another funny website College Humor. 
My Channel
This site contains some of the most popular faces on TV. This website is a gallery of crazy videos that will surely give you a good laugh.
Laugh Button
This website is full of the funniest comedians in performance with the videos contained on this comedy web.
Funny Shack
Here you can watch funny videos on one of the best sources for user submitted videos.
Milk Cookies
Have a daily dose of amusing and enlightening videos you can relish with a food just whenever you want.
Funny Place
Amuse yourself with this funny website that shows you the humorous side of TV ads.
Rooftop Comedy
Here you are able to watch live comedy broadcasts even without your cabled TV. 
Cringe Channel
A website that shows a precise type of comedy, where the purpose is to make you uncomfortable instead of making you laugh.
Feral Network
A great collection of obstinate, humorous, awkward, and cringe worthy videos, this is a good place to go if you're looking for some fun online.
Blame Russia
A great collection of fascinating and funny content related with Russia and Soviet Union.
WTF Okay.
A funny collection of videos that will make you say "WTF!?!" This site shows a specific type of comedy, which the purpose is to bring a frank sense of muddle, amazement, and malaise.
This site has a great curation of funny videos - check out their "other videos" section too.
Noob Us
This is a funny website to see the newest viral videos in comedy and entertainment.
This is where you can find everything that a man needs, from latest gadgets and sports to girls.
This site has the best of everything that is funny! From standup comedy, viral music videos, and a lot more.
Hype Angel
An amazing website where you can watch and submit the most hysterical video clips in the present day.
UCB Comedy
You will see yourself laughing with these silly website with original comedy especially made for you.
Stuff Video
As the title suggests, this website is a huge archive for all the random good stuff you can find in the World Wide Web.
Bang Out
This is a Jewish founded comedy website filled with viral videos and shorts clips to make you laugh out loud.
Putnam Pig
Watch the funny Putnam Pig as he acts, sings, and tells you funny stories.
Everything Terrible
A vast collection of funny videos that capture everything that's ridiculous.
Free Videos
Here you can watch a great collection of funny videos in different genres.
Very Ads
This is a compilation of wittiest and most interesting advertisements from different part of the world and the internet. 
Peter Serafinowicz
Funnyman Peter Serafinowicz takes the stage in a series of funny spoofs.
Rock Site
This is the official website of a famous comedian, Chris Rock and from here you can watch his funny video clips.
This is a home for internet funny videos that are worth to watch on this easy to navigate website.
Masalatime Videos
This website is full of funny videos from many online sources that will surely put a smile in your face.
Funny Videos
In here you can watch the collection of funny videos of animal in every shape, sizes, and type.
Evil Chili
This websites provides you with video clips that will entertain you and your friends.
Comedy Time
Watch funny sketch webisodes and stand-up acts on this comedy video site.
Funny Slutty
From here you can watch video comedy from women, made and produced by women. 
Funny Collection
This site has a collection of funny movies that have been submitted to them for the past years. You can also find the funny advertisements and TV clips from around the world.
Start VG
Click on the left and right arrows to scroll through a selection of humorous video clips on the top.
Panda Smash
A simple website filled with very funny and entertaining videos. -> PoliceCat
Give yourself a treat with this funny collection of exclusive and original comedy videos.
Play Vidoes
This website offers general videos in different categories such as comedy, hidden camera, cartoons, and a lot more.
With Brain
This is a virtual collection of exceptional and interesting online video clips to fuel your brain.
Comedy Rants
A website full of rants and funny ranter videos, articles, interviews that will surely crack you up. It's making some noise and making a point while making people laugh.
Unleash Video
This is a Canadian video sharing community with  original and funny videos to watch.
This site is full of funny parodies and web serials ridiculing current events.
Comedy Rants
A website full of rants and funny ranter videos, articles, interviews that will surely crack you up. It's making some noise and making a point while making people laugh.