Offers online video downloads of movies and TV shows.
Links to unlicensed English anime fansubs available through the P2P file swarming application BitTorrent.
Features a short film series composed of two stories directed by young Hollywood film directors. Films can be viewed online as well as downloaded to certain Samsung mobile phones that support video playback.
Acquires exclusive licenses to short films, animations, and digital media, and secures distribution. Full-length screenings of shorts are available online.
Bare Witness
Ensemble of actors, filmmakers, and writers utilizing new technologies to empower the creation of short fictional dramatic works viewable on the Web.
With independent short films, webisodes, animations, and comedy.
Channel 101
Original five-minute video shorts, as voted on at a monthly live audience screening. Includes failed pilots, prime time, and cancelled shows.
Presents animation, music videos, short films, and more. Home of Lapdance 2000. Brokeback Mountain Parodies
Huge collection of Brokeback Mountain video parodies, which poke fun at Back to the Future, The Office, Star Wars, Top Gun, and even SpongeBob Squarepants.
Eurocinema Interactive Theater
Real-time, fully interactive, online movie service.
Short film creator Evan Mather's official site. Films include Kung Fu Kenobi's Big Adventure, Godzilla Versus Disco Lando, and Quentin Tarantino's Star Wars.
Allows users to download movie titles from their computers and burn them to recordable DVDs.
Offers downloadable short films in a variety of genres.
Watch and download short films.
Videos and movies from iFilm, the streaming media site. See the latest music videos, short films, TV clips, games, or video from around the world. Or check out iFilm's Viral Videos collection to see what weirdness the Web has preserved.
Internet Film Community
Showcases independent movies. Admits film submissions and reviews.
Internet Moving Images Archive
Extensive collection of digitized films that focus on everyday life, culture, industry, and institutions in 20th century America.
Intimate Theater, The
Portal to alternative altered realities beyond taboos or limits. Underground films, humanly erotic videos, moving art, footage of live events & other original productions.
Dedicated to showing socially aware films, music, and arts programming via streaming video.
Letters From Homeroom
Based on the notes two teenage girls pass to each other during class in high school. Online film broken into mini-episodes and accessible via streaming video, audio, or text.
Little Men Entertainment
Creators of live action and animated shorts.
Lonely Island, The
Short home movies conceived, filmed, and edited in one day using whatever equipment is available.
Magenta Prod
Promotes French experimental short films.
Modern Television
Media commentary, satire, and video from San Francisco independent producer Phil Patiris.
Broadband movie provider with a library of full-length movies, short films, independent films, and television shows, many of which are free to view.
Movie download service formed as a joint venture by major studios offering new and classic hit movies, foreign films, and more.
MySpace: Johnny Jumpkick
MySpace profile for this digital moviemaker features Johnny Jumpkick's split-kicking and rock-loving contributions to the world of film, including Moustache Moustache Moustache Moustache and My Mom Kicks Ass. Web Favorites
Watch viral videos from NBC's official site, including SNL skits and clips from Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, and other NBC shows.
New Venue, The
Archive of various types of live-action and animated short films.
Open Media Network
Lets users access movies, music, video blogs, podcasts, and public television and radio programming offered by producers for Internet distribution.
P. Lawrence Hyman Television Network
Offers a collection of independent streaming movies.
Peter Kirby's Movies
Direct outlet of short films produced and directed by the San Francisco filmmaker, Peter Kirby.
Pie Fight Films
Creators of original and strange short films, including The Human BEEing - an homage to 1950s B-Horror movies.
Redfoot Productions
Makers of traditional and experimental short films.
TV network for the web, creating and producing its own original entertainment and content.
Rubbergash Productions
Producers of short films featuring sex and violence.
Short comedy films featuring relationships, fishing, and more.
Short films and features broadcast on cable television in New York and Los Angeles.
Home of Quantum Project v4.0.
Cable access meets the Web.
Place for student filmmakers to showcase their work. Includes categories such as 3D computer, Live Action, Stop Motion, and Experimental.
Sundance Online Film Festival
The Sundance Online Film Festival features animation, live action, and interactive digital media. Sponsored by the Sundance Institute.
Sync, The
Collection of short and feature-length films and webisodes.
A group of six young actors who take their comedy shorts from idea, to script, to screen.
Short films. Cool places. Features three-minute neighborhood movies.
Twisted Shorts
Offering a variety of short film comedies and parodies.
Distributes independent film on the web and on video.
Unflinching Triumph
Spoof documentary following Philip Rockhammer on his quest to win the North American Staring Professionals (NASP) annual staredown contest.
Urban Chillers
Shows short urban myth horror movies and welcomes contributions from filmmakers.
broadband Internet video download service with a catalog of pay-per-view full screen movies titles available.
WAMC Arts Radio
Broadcasts films and music performances from the WAMC Performing Arts Center and the Linda Norris Auditorium in Albany, New York.
World Cinema Online
Download independent festival films, documentaries, and classic movies on demand.