Video Production
Argus HD Video Production
Argus HD Video Production has made a name for themselves as being a top video production firm, working with a wide range of clients to produce a selection of professional and unique videos. They offer a broad array of services related to video production, ranging from planning and design to filming, editing and post production work. They are the right choice for any firm looking to make a top notch film that will get them noticed in the competitive online marketplace.
SocialFix is a video production company with offices in New York City and Clinton, NJ, that understands the impact and results that a well-executed campaign can mean to an organization's bottom line. Clients relay on SocialFix for the innovative solutions and transformational results that the agency's knowledgeable team consistently delivers. In addition to video production, the agency also specializes in strategy and branding, website design, web development, social media and search engine optimization. SocialFix concentrates on providing services to businesses in real estate, neutraceutical, financial, food and beverage, retail and general consumer industries.
Big Drop Inc
There are a lot of marketing services that companies need in order to keep their brands at the top of their industry, and Big Drop Inc has worked hard with all of their staff members to make sure that they always provide excellent services. Currently, they are able to provide three different types of services, which include marketing, design, and branding. According to the past testimonials that they have received from their clients, Big Drop Inc is actually now considered to be the best video production company that is currently available within the entire industry.
Flikli is a video production firm that makes high quality videos for firms looking to upgrade their advertising material. Flikli has worked with a long list of competitive firms, and their work has been shown to demonstrate real retirns on investment. For a firm or entrepreneur looking to buy a professional video to promote their wares, Flikli is an excellent choice. Their track record and catalog of material can speak for itself, and their staff is incredibly professional and creative. They offer help from planning to post production, and their technical skills are outstanding.
Simple Story Video
Simple Story Video is a video production company that specializes in helping companies and individuals to develop their own personal story and deliver it through the beauty of film. Developing a video's concept from scratch and then taking it through the entire production process can be a daunting endeavor for most small businesses, but Simple Story Video helps its clients through every step of the way. Businesses that want to make promotional footage for a new marketing campaign or simply want to make an in-house video for their own personal use should consider Simple Story Video's services.
Isning Gamez
Isning Gamez is the owner of Isning LLC, a best video production company out of Southern California. An award winning television producer, Gamez's company has grown to provide services such as infomercials, corporate videos, marketing videos, testimonial videos, graphic design, web design, and headshot photography. Isning LLC works through all phases of a video project, including script writing, casting, production, post production, and distribution. This goes for a commercial length video or short promotional clips.
Final Frame
Since 2008, Final Frame Studios has worked with their clients to produce commercial videos that are fresh and interesting. The founder, Graham King, brings a non-traditional approach to video production, meaning that every video that he creates for the marketplace is unique and interesting. The team at Final Frame Studios has worked with large corporations and small businesses, as well as non-profits. Some of his bigger clients include people such as Amazon, TLC, Universal Music Group, and Benefit San Francisco. They have two locations, one in New York City and another in San Francisco.
Studio B Films
Based in the Berkeley area, Studio B Films is steeped in a tradition of storytelling that has been working for over 20 years now. From viral videos to more corporate projects, this brilliant team is capable of taking on all kinds of unique challenges. With a unique perspective and some of the best equipment in the business Studio B manages to produce incredibly creative videos that capture the hearts and imagination of audiences. Whenever clients work with this group, they can rest assured that their messaging will be made engaging and relevant.
D-Mak Productions
D-Mak Productions is a video production company that provides professional video services to businesses, non-profit organizations, corporations, government agencies and advertising agencies. They offer the following services: 4K and HD digital video production, video editing, 3D animation, motion graphics, cinematography, aerial photos and videos, professional photography and much more. Their offices are located in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, and they work with clients such as ARTESYN, CBRE, Men'sHealth, and PetSmart. D-Mak Productions mission is to provide their clients with prompt video production services to meet their needs and stay within the client's budget and timeframe.
Futuristic Films
Futuristic Films is able to take film productions to a whole new level. Founded in 2007, the company specializes in documentary, commercial and narrative filmmaking. Art and logic are combined to make each project turn out the way it should. State-of-the-art equipment is used to capture footage. A director, cinematographer and executive producer oversee all projects and make sure that every client receives a quality finished product. Notable clients the company has worked for include Hershey's, Coca-Cola and Verizon.